Sweet Android Gudetama - Vinyl Decal - Darleen Shine

Sweet Android Gudetama - Vinyl Decal - Darleen Shine

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Sweet Android Gudetama Vinyl Decal on 3m Reflective Vinyl - from 2" up to a whopping 36" - awesome for a car or truck rear window, for a mancave, for the wall of your station house or barracks,  luggage, helmets, tablets, computers, just about anywhere.

Our decorative vinyl decals are made of a durable, water And Uv-resistant vinyl that is highly visible, even in the darkest conditions.

Vinyl decals make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Application instructions:

1. Make sure your surface Is dry and clean.  No dirt, oil, dust or grease.

2. Peel off the white backing. Rub The Face Of The Decal Through The clear Transfer Tape With A Squeegee to force Out Any Air Pockets.

3. Once The Decal Has Been Firmly Rubbed Onto The Surface, Peel Up One Corner Of The Transfer Tape And Pull It Off The Decal At A Sharp Angle.